Agrocal Gel – 300gm

Oral Calcium & Phosphorus with Added Vitamins.
Agrocal Gel is liquid feed supplements for higher milk yield & prevents milk fever.

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  • Prevent milk fever & associated complication.
  • Fever the normal contraction of uterus.
  • Timely expulsion of placenta.
  • Nutritional supplement formulated to supply the essential nutrients.

Each 100gm Gel Contains:-

Calcium 7600 mg
Phosphorus 3400 mg
Vitamin D3 32000 I.U
Vitamin B12 400 mcg
Chandar soor 200 mg

Packing: – 300gm

Regular Use

For higher milk yield, Administer one bottle per animal per day for 5-10 days or as directed by the veterinarian.To prevent Milk Fever, giver one bottle at the first sign of calving & give another bottle 6 to 12 hours post calving, repeat every 12 hours as needed or as directed by the veterinarian. A post calving dose is very beneficial.


As an aid to prevent milk fever & associated complication. As an aid to favor, the normal contraction of uterus normal calving & timely expulsion of placenta is a comprehensive nutritional supplement formulated to supply the essential nutrients to dairy animals.


Remove the seal of the bottle. Hold the head of the animal in a normal to slightly elevated position. Carefully place the nozzle in to the back of the mouth. Administer the entire content of the bottle by slowly squeezing. Do not administer to animal that are unable to swallow. Keep out of reach children.