New Agrocal Forte Plus – 5 Litre

(Liquid Feed supplement) livestock with calcium, phosphorous, Vitamin A, D3 & B12 with Leptadenia Retaculata, Shatavari.

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  • Help increase milk in Animals & improving Health of Animal.
  • Helps in Chewing & Acidity is reduced.
  • Immunity increases & Reproductive system improves.
  • For Content in Milk Increases. Along with FAT.
  • Bones of cattle become strong.
  • Bones grow in size & the birth rate of new born increases.

Each 100ml Suspension Contains:

Calcium 4000 mg
Phosphorus 2000 mg
Vitamin A 500000 I.U
Vitamin D3 16000 I.U
Vitamin E 10 mg
Vitamin B12 200 mcg
Jatamansi 200mg
Shatavari 750 mg
Cobalt Chloride 50mg
Piper longam 200 mg
Klongi 100 mg
Leptadenia Reticulate 250mg


  • Cow, Buffalo, Horse & Camel: 50ml to 100ml Daily
  • Sheep, Goat & Calf: 10ml to 20ml Daily
  • Keep in cool place
  • Protected from direct sunlight
  • Shake well before use
  • Not for Human Use
  • Not for Medicinal Use

Packing: 1ltr, 2ltr, 5ltr, 10ltr, and 20ltr.