HerbaLiv Forte

The Nutritional Boost Feed Supplement



Polutry :

  • Chicks & Broiler Starter: 10ml/100 Birds
  • Growers, Layers & Broiler Finishers: 20ml/110 Birds
  • Breeders: 30ml/100 Birds

Aqua :

  • Feed Mixing: 500ml/kg of mash & pelleted feed
  • Pond Water: 1 litre/acre of pond water
  • Or as directed by Veterinarian


  • A powerful poultry & Aqua Irver tonic for quick recovery of hepatic disorders & diseases
  • Stimulates the function of kidney in maintaining water salt equilibrium
  • Reduce inddence of gout and asckes in poultry
  • To improve poultry egg production, hatch-abilityand weight gain.
  • For the treatment of lber dysfunction due to parasitic diseases
  • To improve growth and livability
  • It improve feed conversion ratio (FCR)


5 Litre Can


Store in a cool & dry place away from heat & direct sunlight. Store below 30°C

Not For Human Use

Not For Medicinal Use

Veterinary Use Only